It is not long ago that Pakistani families wrapped up their work and set the table tuning onto channels to watch their favourite family shows. Pakistan Television Network was the source of all these entertainment. Coupled with this was the fact that culture was kept in mind and no one could raise an eyebrow over the content they played.


During this entertainment era, their were no rapes, marriage issues, mother in law problems or any such issues raised on national television. Although there was no competition for PTV but with the content that they provided was very entertaining and there was no need felt for more channels.

A few years ago when the private channels jumped into business things took a u-turn. The reason for this was the fact that a huge pool of directors and thinking came into the main stream. However, these dramas which were being aired were mostly a photocopy of what was happening in Indian industry. One of the reason for failure can surely be said due to lack of strong scripts. Lets take a look at some of the reasons why the dramas are failing in Pakistan:


The plots in the dramas don’t seem to be very strong. All the female actresses are somewhat attracted to rich men. If not that then the other side is that it is always about the disputes that occur between husband and wife. Another of the topics being discussed in dramas are rape. Now the problem is not what they are showing as these matters are surely bold to discuss but the problem comes when these cannot be seen by a family sitting together.


There are things which are prohibited or show warning when shown in Bollywood too. But in Pakistan things like drinking and other unethical practices have become common.


There is a very thin line when it comes to liberalism and vulgarity. Now days it is seen that you can easily differentiate as quite a lot of dramas are witnessed using vulgar costumes at times.


Traditionally some things were left unsaid but now each and every detail is said and even scenes depict that. Although it is bold and shows liberalism but when it comes to family entertainment in Pakistan then surely it can not be considered.


Women are often abused in dramas whether it be physically or verbally. One wrong message that they pose is that women always cope up with this and bear it. When it comes to romantic scenes, then the couples are witnessed coming too close.

What do you think ?