The recent defeats Pakistan suffered fro,m the hands of India and Bangladesh has left fans broken heart. The fans are starting to think that their team is good at nothing at all. There are many things that Pakistani crickets are upto and these things are not at all related to cricket.

Let’s tell you a few things that Pakistani crickets are good at:


We have seen Ahmed Shhzad being criticized for it but it seems true that Pakistani crickets are taking selfies all the time. Although once it was mentioned that players were not allowed to use social media but this did not stop them.

💪🏼💪🏼 Pakistan Zindabad !! 💪🏼💪🏼#iBleedGreen 🇵🇰

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On way to Birmingham for the first dinner with Lala!!!

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Birthday Parties, dinner parties and more parties…


Pakistani cricketers may not get the attention that they want in cricket but with the extravagant marriages that they manage to arrange results in a lot of attention.

Sarfaraz bnaa dulha #SarfarazAhmed #Wedding #pakistanicricketer #SarfarazDhokaNahiDega

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Chilling with friends and family and sometimes by themselves

Shahid afridi in his father,s village kohat … frm whr he belongss .. : #shahidkhanafridi #pakistanicricketer

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Endorsing products

There are many players who are able to make it into adds even though they do not perform consistently. Banking industry is for sure taking the lead as players like Anwar Ali, Afridi and many more are frequently seen in the adds.


Well all of you might not know but Pakistani cricketers are also frequently seen on the ramps. They may not be the main model of the night but certainly gran attention.


We certainly know that cricketers are also good in the department of dancing. There are couple of videos that you would have seen. The nation would be really happy if it was the same case in cricket as well.


Dubsmash is one of the main platforms through which celebrities are able to communicate in a fun way with their fans. Although Pakistani cricketers are not doing good in cricket but they are superb in dubsmashing always.

Showing Disappointment

Giving sad poses and showing disappointment after losing the game.

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