A few days ago a video of a girl from Lahore who went to Murree with friends on a college trip went viral. The girls who couldn’t contain their excitement around the Local news reporter made some bloopers when asked about their experience in the city. The news reporter then posted the video on Facebook which went insanely viral in no time.

One of the girls in the video was quoted saying “Hum Aspire sae hai tou inspire tou kare gay hi” and the other said “Boht maza aa raha hai, We are proud of you”. The girl, who accidentally said “We are proud of you” was massively trolled on social media. Some people and even Facebook pages posted memes to further humiliate the girl and mock her English speaking skill.

A person who goes to school with the girls shared some very disturbing situation that the poor girl who was trolled badly is going though after being made fun of.

Atika Ahmed wrote, “I asked sir about this girl. He said trip ke baad wo aik din bhi college nahi aai. He even asked this girl’s friend about her. The friend said that the last time she talked to her, she was crying on top of her voice and was continuously saying that she can never face the world and that she just wants to die now and that all she wanted to say was that she is proud of her teachers and the college but with all the chaos and energy around she just got confused. I’m sure her confidence has been shattered for the rest of her life”, she concluded.

Another video emerged of a guy named Sunny Khan Durrani who stands in support of this girl and sends a heart touching message to all those who trolled this innocent girl for making a naive mistake.

Watch the video below:

This is fantastic response to all those people who trolled her and made memes and did not even think once about the girl who just lost her confidence because of this incident.

All those who humiliated her need to apologize and think before targeting an individual because we never know what our actions can lead to.