Top 10 Delicious Celebrity Short Haircuts

Who cares about long, mournful, flowing locks anymore!? It’s all about short, sassy and cute these days with hair blowing angelically around your ears and artfully reaching your chin! From Halle Berry bobs to sophisticated, French cuts like Amelie, the Desi world is claiming these short and sweet styles with a bang! These are the top ten who simply look too phenomenal for words!

1. Syra Shehroz

Syra Shehroz’s sizzling short hair cut suits her beyond belief! Framing her oval face with short waves, she looks cute, charming and vivacious! She carries this cut extremely well with utter ease.

2. Meesha Shafi

With a stunning, statuesque figure and beautiful model’s face, Meesha Shafi looks vibrant and full of life with her short, wavy bob that gives her a bounce and shine and positive energy that seems to radiate out of her every pore!

3. Aamina Shaikh

Amina’s ruffled, messy bob with heavy bangs is absolutely stunning! Giving her a daring, edgy look the hairstyle gives a mysterious, almost dangerous aura to the lovely model.

4. Sanam Saeed

The Desi world was already head over heels about the talented actress Sanam Saeed, but when she appeared sporting her new bouncy, curly cut, everyone simply fell in love! The actress looks angelic, serene and adorable in her short, curly do!

5. Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa looks fabulous with her new, shorter hair! Sleek, chocolate coloured and hanging gracefully just below her jawline, Hadiqa looks glamorous and alluring.

6. Mahira Khan

Serene, demure and angelic, Mahira Khans stunning face seems to be framed by angel wings! Giving her a soft look and complimenting her lovely features, this is definitely one of our top looks!

7. Cybil Chaudry

Spunky, energetic and full of life, Cybil Chaudry rocks her shockingly short hair with confidence and poise. Similar to Halle Berry’s style, we are absolutely mad over her new look! Cybil now resembles a beautiful rockstar.

8. Aiza Khan

Another beauty who was recently spotted in a short hair cut is Aiza Khan. She posted her short hair cut look on her instagram and facebook fan page right after her wedding. We think this hair cut looks absolutely lovely on Aiza. The short hair emphasizes her delicate features and beautiful coloring to the point of no return!

9. Reema Khan

This delicious, caramel cut seems to be inspired from the romantic, heady 50’s and thus gives Reema and extremely poised, elegant look. Blessed with angular, attractive features, the lovely soft hair compliments them perfectly!

10. Juggan Kazim

One of our favorite looks of all time has to be Juggan Kazim’s ethereal curls. They lend a glow to her lovely, serene face and make her look just like a fallen angel! We are absolutely in love!

Author: Rabia Ahmed | Published on