Top 6 Most Beautiful Pakistani Morning Show Hosts

Pakistani TV industry houses immense talent with a mix of beauty and brains. From Sanam Baloch to Nida Yasir to Sanam Jung,
here is a list of top 6 most beautiful Pakistani morning show hosts.

1. Sanam Baloch

Initially an actress and now an anchor on ARY News, Sanam has the sort of innocent face that tends to capture every man’s heart. With her soft voice and elegant disposition, Sanam has made a niche for herself not just in the realm of acting but in the world of television anchors as well.

2. Sanam Jung

Another household name to reckon with, this girl is all about poise and elegance. A warm beautiful smile and sultry eyes along with an engaging personality, Sanam, is the epitome of beauty, poise and glamour. Her show on HUMTV is so loved and watched for this reason alone.

3. Farah Hussain

The list of tv anchors is simply not complete without the “Punjabi Beauty”, Farah. With her flawless skin and beautiful hair, she is the quintessential example of what an eastern beauty should be like. Her gentle disposition and pleasant demeanor only add to her already beautiful persona. She is clearly an anchor who is beautiful on the inside and out!

4. Shaista Lodhi

Another name that simply cannot go unnoticed is Shaista Lodhi. Though she is no more hosting her morning show on Geo due to her recent blasphemy issue, but undoubtedly she was one of the most beautiful Pakistani morning show anchors with a huge fan following. Many of her fans often compared her to Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor. Her beautiful features, glowing skin and not to mention her vibrant personality are all elements that add up to a fabulous personality that looks and sounds beautiful in every way.

5. Nida Yasir

A vivacious personality, Nida is a household name today. Known for her expressive eyes and bubbly personality, this anchor is all about solving marital problems for coups and getting unmarried girls hitched to the most potential prospect out there.

6. Noor

A veteran actress, a superb dancer and definitely a household name to reckon with, Noor has the sort of enchanting beauty that leaves everyone (man or woman) utterly and completely breathless. Her sharp and beautiful features thick stunning hair and of course totally captivating personality has brought her recent morning show in the limelight for all the right reasons.
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Author – Rabia Ahmed