Tum Kon Piya’s episode 4 takes a dramatic turn as Ilma and Ramish’s love story get the usual love story twist. Again as many times in dramas, the love story of the two seems almost impossible to have a happy ending. Although the drama is continuing but still it looks pretty much what to expect.

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The episode opens on Ramish along with Sumbul. Obviously, he does not know that she is here for a rishta affair. Later, Ramish wants to know what his parents are up to and when he finds out about their intentions he gets annoyed.

He strictly tells his mother that he is in love with a girl and that he wants to marry her. But again, like in many stories the mother rejects this and wants to know the name of the girl. Ilma on the other hand cannot imagine her life without Ramish.

Zarbab continues to be as timid as a mouse, sacred of both his tyrannical mum and equally bossy Javeria. His wicked, jealous young brother adds fire to the fuel poking him to marry Javeria in secret or his mum will marry him off with some fat cow.

However, the highlight of the episode was the very intense, heated scene between Ilma’s father Waqar Ali and Ramish’s dad, who conveyed the message that this marriage was not possible and Ilma’s father shouldn’t have thought of it in the first place. Waqar chacha gets really ashamed of the insults inflicted on him and his daughter by Ramish’s father.

When Ramish learns about this, he tells his dad that he would only marry Ilma otherwise he won’t get married.

The promo of the next episode shows Ilma meeting Zarbab’s mother. The next episode is bound to be even more exciting than this one. Zarbab will be planning to marry Javeria behind closed doors and his mother is all set to get him hooked to Ilma. It seems Zarbab will soon land himself in an even bigger mess, with two wives on his head to support!

This episode was more about Imran Abbas and we saw little glimpses of Ayeza Khan.

Qavi Khan came up with a splendid performance and this is the reason he has become the highlight of the serial. Ali Abbas is also doing a good job playing the role of a helpless and coward man.

The script is packed with pleasant, powerful dialogues and the strong acting by the whole cast makes their delivery even better.

Although the story of the drama is the usual one but we hope that things will be different in the next episode.