The episode kicks off with Ramish who is visiting Waqar Ali’s house so he can undo what his father did. Waqar Ali has nothing against Ramish, but he is obviously pretty sad over the behavior of Muzzafar Hassan as he was not expecting such ruthless behavior.

One thing that was brilliant was the acting of Qavi Khan as Waqar Ali which is very natural and spontaneous.


The most shocking part is Muzzafar Hassan’s paying a visit to Waqar Ali’s house. This is a smart move by the parents of Ramish because they know their son well. A plan has been devised to take Ilma out of Ramish’s life. They want Waqar Ali to marry off Ilma somewhere else. The fact that no tricks will be played by Waqar is the thing that is most supportive for them.

Ramish tells Sumbal in clear terms that they are not meant to be together. Sumbal is shocked and silent by this showing the straight forwardness of Ramish’s character. It teaches us that being straight forward and fair in your dealings is the best option. No serious issue arises from Sumbal’s side, but let’s see in the coming episodes if she is going to pose some serious problems for Ramish.

Zarbab is starting to show the other dimension of his character. Zarbab informs his brother Arif that he was just passing time with Javeria and he does not love her nor does he want to marry her. He puts all the blame onto Javeria which shows that he is not only a coward but is a cheat as well.

Arif, is playing both ways giving wrong suggestions to Zarbab and telling his mother how Zarbab and Javeria are planning to elope. Arif is playing smartly and wants to be in the good books of his mother, who is quite annoyed of his habits.

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Muzzafer Hassan and Waqar Ali both are the prominent people in episode 5 and rest of the characters share the screen in fragments. Ilma is a good daughter, respects her father and does not utter a single word about her ‘rishta’ with Zarbab. She is ready to agree on every matter including marriage. Usually, such ‘Allah mian ki gae’ sort of characters are annoying, but here we see someone who is aware of the limits. She is quite convincing and also very likable.