Tum Mere Pass Raho Episode 5 Review

So, another good episode of Tum Mere Pass Raho. Although, like the previous episode, this episode was too focused on the revolving chemistry between Maryam & Tabish and Zoya & Tabish but the ending was fantastic. I really enjoyed the ending of this episode when Mamoo Jaan exposed the fact that Hina is the real sister of Tabish. I loved the expressions of Tabish when he knew about this truth. Well, this mystery will more unfold in the next episode.

Zoya was happy on her relationship with Tabish despite Tabish did not leave to meet with Maryum. Zoya’s father talked to Tabish about her daughter’s nikah within the three months. And Tabish became agree with him. On the other side, Maryam felt insecure as who will marry her so she did not let her boyfriend “Tabish” to leave her. She did not stop meeting him though her mother did not like Maryum to meet with Tabish. So, I am anxiously waiting to see who wins the game either Maryam who is a bold and independent girl or Zoya who is a shy and a calm girl and expected wife of Tabish.

In this eposide, I really liked the matured and refined acting of Zahid Ahmad and Amna Ilyas. On the other side, Zoya was too good with her calm and pleasant acting. How can I skip the name of Bushra Ansari? Her acting was applaudable as she maintained accuracy in her acting as like always.

All in all, this episode was brilliant with the great performances of characters. The story surely will take a turn in the next episode when Tabish will know that he is not the real son of his parents. Lets see in the next episode, how Tabish will react upon this fact. And how does he react when he will know that he is the real son of his phopho. Anxiously waiting the next episode to see how the story will take a turn.

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Wajiha Malik