Up, close and personal with musical ‘genius’ Taher Shah!

He came, he saw and he conquered. Taher Shah, the man behind the video “Eye to Eye” that became the rage over the Internet and social media websites, rose to over night fame despite no background in professional singing.

In an exclusive interview with Express News, Shah explains the inspiration behind his song.

“True love begins from the eyes and then transcends to the heart. This was the concept when I wrote the song,” he elaborated.

With over a million views on platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, DailyMotion and traditional media, the song has become a sensation due to the unique lyrics and signature Taher Shah moves.

Several foreign publications have also reviewed the artist. While some praised him for his eccentric style, others subjected him to harsh criticism. But Shah claims that these remarks make no difference to him.
“Music is a form of personal expression. Therefore, I see no reason for negativity. I don’t care about the criticism as long as my work continues to flourish,” he said.

Along with being flooded by offers from Pakistani and Indian record labels, Taher Shah’s future plans include producing a film.

Whether you love the man or hate him, it cannot be argued that the man has scaled heights of fame that has taken many others decades to achieve.