Upcoming Pakistani Dramas On Indian Channel Zindagi In 2015

Have a look at the Zee Zindagi channel video featuring upcoming Pakistani dramas for the year 2015. The selection of dramas for the new year is decent but the interesting thing to be noted here is that, all the famous Pakistani dramas will be broadcasted on Zee Zindagi channel with new names. The reason behind changing the drama names have not been disclosed however, Pakistani fans are not very happy seeing their favorite dramas with their new names.

Pakistani dramas are becoming popular in India because they’re all family dramas that circle around a love story. The stories that the Pakistani shows tell have an old-fashioned quality to them, but in some ways they are more adventurous than their Indian counterparts. For one, they don’t go on indefinitely like Indian soaps. Often based on existing novels, most of these shows are made up of a fixed number of episodes.

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