Ushna Shah – Anyone Spreading Rumors About Me Is An ” Insecure Psychotic”

Ushna Shah has been very vocal about how she feels about the scandal regarding her and Hamayun Saeed caught in bed by Humayun’s wife. Until now she has only said things about these rumors in an indirect way but this time she decided to give people especially A & B Productions who made a video about her scandal a shut up call.

Here is what Ushna Shah had to say:

Anyone who believes that I got “caught” “red handed” in a goddamn “raid” is obviously a mentally deranged piece of crap. Anyone spreading such news is an insecure psychotic even stinkier piece of mentally deranged crap who can’t use common sense & LOGIC. If someone is taking the time out and money out to have documentary style videos made on a pseudo-scandal and post them on websites they are clearly losing sleep because of me… I dont like playing victim & paying the price for people’s personal issues that I have NOTHING to do with. THERE I FINALLY SPOKE OUT!!. Quote me on it if u want and don’t ask me again because that’s the last I’m going to speak about it. Oh and a basic scroll through my time line and pictures will assure everyone that I haven’t been hurt or in a hospital or trapped in anyone’s basement. Now go find something better to do.
P.S: I have standards. Hope that answers all of the idiotic questions.

She says that she has some standards which could mean that Hamayun Saeed does not come up to those standards. Now what does Hamayun has to say about that?