It has been three years since we last saw Veena Malik in Pakistan but now it has happened. The actress said that many cases were registered against her which were not credible. However, she said that she felt safe in today’s Pakistan which was made safe by Army Chief.

Furthermore she said that she did not want to live in India and that her life and death would be in Pakistan.

“My father was a soldier and I am also the daughter-in-law of a soldier,” Veena added.

Veena was under severe criticism and a number of cases were made against her when she appeared in a morning show hosted by Shaista Lodhi.

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The controversial actress of the past was willing to work in dramas which she wasn’t interested in working earlier. She had left the country after several cases against her.

Veena said:

“Some things in connection with Veena’s visit are secret. But she will start her showbiz career with dedication and she is also hosting a TV programme. She is among the top actresses of Lollywood and has some good opportunities related to film projects and hopefully she will start her own film company.”