‘Veena Malik Converts to Islam’ this time for REAL or is it another PUBLICITY STUNT?

The news of Veena Malik getting married to a Dubai based businessman Asad Bashir Khan Khattak has been capturing the attention of all since Christmas. Veena Malik who always likes to grab the headlines has done it again and this time she has definitely astounded all! The actress has become a household name due to her antics.

She has always been in limelight for all the wrong reasons be it for her alleged involvement in a notorious match fixing case with her then boyfriend Mohammed Asif or for her unwanted display of affection and wild fling with Asmith Patel. And if that was not enough she took a daring step and bared it all with her nude photo shoot for a men’s magazine. Veena Malik has certainly been a constant news maker for all the wrong reasons!

But her sudden marriage and her drastic transformation from a brash, loud, over-the-top Veena to a subservient coy, in dupatta, hijaab, married Veena has sent shock waves all across and especially those who have been her constant critics.

What do you think guyz??