Veena Malik insists not to compare her to Sunny Leone or Poonam Pandey

Veena Malik who is pretty much in the news regarding her audacious acts on and off screen is at it again. Another controversial statement seems like another brick in the wall for her!

Veena’s new stunt has already captured all the required attention for her upcoming movie. She has now targetted Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra.

All of it happened recently, when in an interview the kinky actress said she is not a porn star. This statement is clearly indicated towards Sunny Leone and Veena Malik also said that she is not the only one to wear a bikini or kiss on screen. She says, she hasn’t done anything that others haven’t. Many other top bollywood actresses have done the same!

Veena adds, “I am unable to understand why I am targeted and compared with Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra. I am not a porn star. I have never given a nude shot. There is a difference between a backless scene and a nude scene. I don’t understand why people compare me with them.”

Veena also said, “I am targeted because I am from Pakistan. My recent comment on Sarabjit’s case led to bad comments by people on social networking sites. I only speak on issues that matter to me. If there is peace between the two countries, I will be happier.”

Well, she has a point but saying all this won’t really help her out! Instead puts her into the controversial pit even more deeper!