Veena Malik Put Ganesh Murti in Her House – Latest publicity stunt By Veena Malik

Scandal queen Veena Malik has again brought herself ‘in’ the limelight with her as usual cheap publicity stunts.

Her love for India was not hidden by her acts but this time she looked impressed with religious occasion of Hindus or whether it was for ‘good omen’ that she has taken ‘Ganesh Murti’, one of the God in Hindu religion, to her home in India.

Not only she did this but also ‘publicized’ it on her twitter account introducing ‘Ganesh Murti’ as a guest to her home.

Upon this act, Pakistanis showbiz stars and others have expressed their rage for Veena’s ‘intended mischief’.

Veena Malik is in India for so long and the actress has already done adventures like FHM controversial snapshot, off screen romances etc to promote herself there.