Veena Malik raises the heat in The Dirty Picture remake Silk Sakkath Hot Maga trailer

Veena once again does what she knows best!

It was only to be expected that the Sandalwood version of The Dirty Picture, titled Silk Sakkath Hot Maga, would be unabashedly sexy. This was thanks to the presence of Veena Malik, the lady who loves to shock, in the film that is loosely based on the story of yesteryear actor Silk Smitha.

The recently released trailer of Silk… exploits Veena’s hot quotient to the maximum. She appears in a bikini, disrobes in a song sequence, has a lip-lock sequence with the film’s hero, Akshay, and also soaks in a flower-filled pool and has Akshay doing erotic stuff to her feet.

Those who watched The Dirty Picture can be assured that the Veena Malik portrayal will break more rules than Vidya Balan did in the original, in terms of skin show and oomph. You also get a glimpse of Veena as an innocent village girl, with braided hair and ribbons before she enters the big, bad, glamorous world of films.