Veena Malik received Best Pakistani Entertainer Award in UK – View Pics!

Actor, item girl and model Veena Malik is no stranger to controversy. From her break out role in India’s Bigg Boss, to her notorious magazine cover, she has consistently managed to keep herself in the news, like Pakistan’s very own Miley Cyrus. In her latest film Supermodel, a thriller that features her Bigg Boss co-star Ashmit Patel as her leading man, Malik sizzles on screen and will undoubtedly raise a few more eyebrows.

This November has been an eventful month for the actor, as she was invited to the United Kingdom to receive an award for being the “Most Successful Pakistani Entertainer on the Globe”. Unfortunately, her happiness was short-lived, as an unpleasant greeting awaited her upon her arrival.

“On the eve of the awards, as I landed in the UK, I was told by a member of the organizing committee that they have received two death threats by text message, regarding me.” Malik informed The Express Tribune
While the actor herself has no idea who these people might be, she has made some not-so-subtle hints about which fanatics she speculates are involved.

In lieu of these developments, Malik said she was was conflicted as to whether she should go to receive the award, but decided to honour the wishes of the organizing committee after consulting with her international PR agencies, eventually agreeing to be a part of the event.

“My security was enhanced and I had as many as 10 guards at the venue. I was on stage for only 15 minutes, even though I wanted to be there longer.” Malik added.

“It is a weird thing, and I get a strange and a sad feeling inside. I wish I could move around like a free person, but this is the price one pays for being a celebrity.”

On a lighter note, 2013 has proven to be quite a full year for the actor, who has three new films in the works – two Hindi movies and one Kannada film. Malik plans to end this whirlwind year spending quality time with her parents this December. So, does this mean Veena Malik is planning on coming back to Pakistan?
“No, my parents are coming to me!” She says. Good call, Veena.

Published in The Express Tribune

Here are some pictures of the event Have a look!