Pakistani controversial actress Veena Malik is among those celebs who have worked hard to change themselves completely for the best. We have seen that many stars tend to get more trendy and modern with time, however, Veena Malik is heading towards a more religious transformation.

The actress left showbiz and Bollywood’s glamours lifestyle right after tying the knot with husband Asad Bashir Khan and many people say that it is Asad who changed Veena’s personality completely. Asad and Veena, whenever seen together, seem very happily married and at peace with each other.

Recently Veena Malik visited Jamia Binoria where she met Mufti Naeem. She also spoke with the media and while talking to the media she said,

“I knew something was not right, there was something missing so I asked Allah to guide me, to show me the right path. I want to get religious education and no institution can be better than Jamia Binoria for this purpose.”

Veena further shared that she wants her children to be hafiz-e-Quran and that Maulana Tariq Jamil, Mufti Naeem and Junaid Jamshed played a vital role in turning her life around which she is thankful for.

It was heart touching to see Veena Malik emotionally expressing how she felt about her life before and now. Both Veena Malik and her husband Asad were praised by Mufti Naeem on the occasion and also received gifts.

Credits: Channel 24

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