Veena Malik’s Ex-boyfriend Threatens to Release Private Video!

Veena Malik’s Ex-boyfriend Prashant Singh Threatens to Release their Private Video together. Prashant Singh posted some controversial pictures of Veena Malik after hacking Veena’s twitter account. Veena is denying her relationship with Prashant and says that Prashant was only her manager and nothing more. Veena retorted calling him an “ex-employee” who is maligning her reputation and also doubting his sexual orientation.

The fight between the two is getting dirtier by the day.Now Prashant Singh threatens Veena that he will release their Private video to prove his relationship with Veena.

Prashant Singh countered Malik’s charges by posting intimate photographs of the two on a social networking site.

He filed a police complaint against Veena for fraud and threat calls to his mother.
After posting images and talking about their live-in relationship details, the jilted lover wrote on Twitter, “If Veena Malik doesn’t apologise I will release more proof and trust me I have loads!”

Prashant also revealed that Veena was carrying his child in 2012. They discovered about the pregnancy on May 10 he alleges.

Veena Malik alleged Prashant Singh was also blackmailing her for money and cheap popularity. Singh was earlier responsible for handling digital media for Malik in India.
In an exclusive interview with E24 Prashant said that Veena Malik cheated on her and they were together for 1 year as a live in couple.