Veena Malik, the controversial queen of the Indo-Pak region, has successfully made her impact in a Ramadan show thanks to Hero TV, which proved a real hero for her, but the show ended at an awkward moment for her.

In the last episode, she was conferred the title of Baygairat by a lady caller in a program.
In a live calls segment of the program, a lady caller named Veena ‘Baygairat’ in the context of her past performance in India’s TV show big brother and a nude photo shoot on Indian film magazine.
In her last show, a bold lady caller has lodged a strong protest to her for doing a ‘religious’ show because Veena is not worthy to host such programs.
Veena defended herself and explained that she was quite better as a program host than in other character because she is honest to her work and engaged in different charity works which people are not aware of.
But the lady caller kept saying her Baygairat in fact she made hat trick of this word in the live show which apparently made Veena Malik to burst into tears.
Veeena at the end explained that she is very kind to people and support financially many poor families.