Veena’s husband pleaded with me to help him clarify Veena’s anti-india Tweet : Mahesh Bhatt

Veena Malik’s husband Asad Bashir contacted Mahesh Bhatt to clarify Veena Malik’s False Anti-India Tweet. He said that it was made by Prashanth her ex manager who hacked her twitter account and made that tweet.

Mahesh bhatt’s response to Times Of India regarding this issue:

First of all, let me clarify this, that I have no role to play in Veena Malik’s either coming to India, or finding a name in the entertainment space. Yes, I was the person who brought Meera, another Pakistani actress here, was the first person to bridge the cultural gap between India and Pakistan and kick-start the cultural peace and exchange process that has taken a leaping curve in building relationship with our neighbouring country in the realm of performing arts.

I have never met Veena. I have spoken to her over the phone when she was going through a crisis earlier, but I have not played any role in making her part of the entertainment space in India. I think it was because of the television that she could be recognised at all. If she has made a statement as shocking as this, it is indeed heart breaking to the people who welcomed her with open arms. This is, I would say, a retrograde moment for the cultural peace process that has been strengthening between the two countries. That such people do not have a shred of gratitude for the affection and warmth shown to her, is a telling comment on her.

I got a call from her husband, Asad Bashir Khan Khattak, and he pleaded with me to help him clarify this controversy. He said, and this is clearly according to him, that this particular twitter account from which this comment was tweeted, was being misused by her ex-boyfriend/secretary. And then she came on the phone and said to me, ‘Kya karoon, I am being hounded for this comment, but I haven’t said any such thing at all. There is this individual, this secretary who has been misusing my account.’

I said, listen, since I have been an ambassador for the Indo-Pak peace process, for that sake alone, I am willing to speak to this secretary, and see if a solution can be found. So, I spoke to him, some Singh, I forget his name, and told him, ‘Veena Malik’s hubby called me, and I am seeking your help to clarify to the nation about this outrageous thing she is supposed to have tweeted.’ He told me, over the phone, that it was a joint account being used and managed by him and her. And that he was not only her secretary, but that he was a person having a relationship with her.

When I heard this, I said, ‘Aha, if this is a matter of the heart, I would step back to leave you two to solve this issue together, because in the matter of the heart, there is no easy solution.’ This is where my connection with this whole controversy begins and ends. I would again like to clarify that I have never had nothing to do, no role to play in Veena’s coming to India, or anything else.