View Pics: Missing Actress Mamta Kulkarni Found!

Remember Mamta Kulkarni, the heroine of the ’90s who has acted with top heroes like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar? The actress disappeared into oblivion almost overnight.

There were reports that she converted to Islam and tied the knot with underworld kingpin Vijay ‘Vicky’ Goswami, and was settled out of the country. In 1997 Vicky was arrested in Dubai and sentenced for 25 years.

There was speculation about how she was unstable and going the Parveen Babi way. When she didn’t surface for years, the industry and her fans forgot all about her. Out of sight, out of mind.

After Hrs has uncovered that the actress, now in her early 40s, has apparently shifted to Nairobi, and is managing a real-estate and hotel business in Dubai. We chanced upon her blog. Can’t be sure if it is really her, but the pictures she has posted of herself seem to be proof enough.

According to the blog, Mamta has turned spiritual and written a book called Autobiography Of An Yogini (sic). Excerpts from blog…
Autobiography Of An Yogini by a Bollywood celebrity-turned-ascetic is a dedication of a devotee, a student to her Master, a Guru, who transformed a celebrity into an ascetic. This Man from the mountains… banished my many births of darkness and crowned me with a jewel called ‘enlightenment’.

This book is an eye-opener to many ignorants.
The above churned milk (book) was from the manthan (from my 12 years of spiritual endeavour/meditation).

My Bollywood histrionics were destined but my dip into the spiritual ocean was like a transit to the actual destination… When you get a Master he instantly becomes your mother, as it happened with me. In these 12 years of penance even my close relatives, my sisters, were not aware of it. Forget my sisters, even I never knew that I was the chosen one. The day I attained myself, I was in tears, as the stages were very difficult…

Here I was doing my penance. I did not meet anyone neither did I let anyone come close to disturb me so the stories that are making news recently are from publicity-hungry individuals. No one knew about my address or my country of residence as I would not have been able to accomplish what was supposedly my destiny… And another news about me changing my religion and marrying… If someone reads my book they will realise the truth. And then this is God’s department if he has made Hindu or Muslim… This shows how much the press is aware.