Viewers favorite drama serial seems to be moving faster than ever with Manu having two kids in the same episode. The latest episode of Mann Mayal leaves a question as to how many children Mannu will have if time keeps on flying like it is right now.


Mikael’s new ‘plan’ is worse than all other plans and he doesn’t seem to stop. In the latest plan he intends to ‘use’ his wife and it was sad to see Mannu going along with it! The wife shows no reluctance to it and agrees to whatever asked for! The 3 years that were skipped didn’t matter much and the characters remained stagnant where they were!

Mannu on the other hand is a woman who is going through a lot of things that are being put on her. Her character was stagnant during the course of the episode. The conversations between Mannu and Mikael’s father had no importance!! Mannu got married to Mikael and he doesn’t give her the love and the respect she deserves. Mikael is taking advantage of the closeness of his father and wife. Mikael’s plan is strong keeping in mind Mannu is not so smart and names everything to her husband. Mannu is responsible for what situation she has been in. She chose to be a victim although she could have parted ways with Mikael.

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Even ‘aik saal baad’ Biya’s conversation with Salahuddin was again about Mannu. Salahuddin is a rich man, but Mannu does not accept his expensive gifts. A few changes observed were that Salahuddin had become rich and moved his family to Karachi.

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The scene kicked of with Mannu and her mother saying ‘Salahuddin aya huva hai.’ Looks like people are not moving on in life. The way Mannu and Salahuddin exchanged glances when Salahuddin went to meet her father still showed fascination but awkward is that Mannu is about to become a mother.

Well all in all it was an episode that didn’t have much to offer.

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