Virat Kohli Wants To Send Fawad Khan To Planet Mars!

After starring opposite Sonam Kapoor in Khoobsurat, Pakistani actor Fawad Afzal Khan has been making most Indian ladies drool over him. And, guess who else couldn’t resist falling for the actor’s robust looks? It’s none other than our very own angry-young-man Virat Kohli’s alleged girlfriend- Anushka Sharma!

This has caused Kohli to spend sleepless nights plotting how to get rid of the actor who according to some, has an uncanny resemblance to him. Tired of the unwarranted comparison and scared of losing his lady love, the agitated cricketer is scheming to send Fawad Khan to Mars after learning about Mangalyaan’s successful mission (and being sure that it won’t come back mid-way). On the other hand, BCCI wants to launch a special ‘WAGyaan’ and send all the wives and girlfriends of Indian cricketers to Mars so that cricketers concentrate only on the game.

Though, we’re not sure yet who’s going to launch the spacecraft first, inside sources revealed that Virat Kohli has made an infallible plan and would first kidnap the actor and then give him hormone injections similar to the one child actress Hansika Motwani took, so he too can age faster. This is to ensure that even if the Mars mission fails, Anushka Sharma won’t think of Fawad Khan ever again.

Not surprisingly, Kohli has also found support from some Bollywood actors who feel threatened by Fawad’s khoobsurati and have offered monetary help to launch a spacecraft that can take the actor to Mars. When contacted, Fawad Khan (unaware of the kidnapping plan) seemed excited and also relieved to leave the planet, as he wants to get rid of Sonam Kapoor who’s after him to sign another movie opposite her!

Our Mocktale reporters further divulged that efforts are also being made to send Ram Gopal Varma, Himesh Reshamiya, Kamaal R. Khan, Rakhi Sawant and some of the other (not-to-be-disclosed) dignitaries who can entertain the aliens on Mars with their antics, so that Indians can heave a sigh of relief.

Now, let’s wait and watch who wins Mission Mars first!