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2013 wasn’t an astonishingly great year for Pakistani dramas, we had more misses than hits. Even megastar projects turned controversial (Rehai and Rishte Kuch Adhore Se) and failures (Numm, Darmiyan, Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai). However, the new year 2014 has gave us lots of new attractions, many new Pakistani dramas are replacing the old ones in prime time slots and a bunch of them had already left an impact on audience with their intriguing promos.

Here is a list of the twelve best ongoing Pakistani Dramas. Give your votes for your favorite drama!


Firaaq is a story of love, relations and responsibilities. Paiman is a Pakistani-American, living with her mother in the States, where she meets her brother’s psychiatrist; they embark on a journey of trust and love and marry against the wishes of Paiman’s brother. Soon after, Paiman’s husband disappears, leaving her disheartened and broken. Paiman tries her best to discover his whereabouts but fails. Just when she is beginning to give up all hope of ever finding him, she meets her husband’s close friend, who tells her that her husband is in Pakistan and is married to his cousin.

Watch all episodes of drama serial Firaaq click here.

Chup Raho

Starring Sajal Ali, Jibran Syed, Arjumand Rahim, Feroz Khan, Shaheen Khan, Yasir Nawaz, Tariq Jameel and others. ‘Chup Raho’ follows the story of a young woman, who is subjected to harsh and cruel abuse. Violated and pillaged by her own brother in-law. It is a story of two sisters, Sajjal Ali and Arjumund Rahim, who apparently don’t get along and there is also the element of jealousy between their relationship. Both of them get married, but Sajjal is shown having conflicts with her spouse, Feroze Khan.

Watch all episodes of drama serial Chup Raho click here.

Digest Writer

Digest Writer is a drama based on the life of Farida, a girl belonging to a lower-middle class family and, studying in college she is often looked down upon her parents which concentrate on the education of their son who they wish to become a doctor. Farida is also a very talented girl who is determined to do well in life. She is a reserved outcast in her family who is always dreaming of her future success and firmly believes in the saying “whatever your destined to get you will get” she is always the one who is simply firm in believing that one day she will succeed in her ultimate goal. Farida’s family is going through financially difficult times, and she aspires to become a digest writer under the pen name of “Rashk-i-Hina” she is very determined in becoming one going through sleepless nights in order to accomplish her dream in becoming a digest writer. Her family is critical of her writing especially her father who constantly scolds her for using electricity in the night to write but does not effect her in her aspirations and she continues it regardless. Her main priority first is to earn enough money to fund her family in their financial crisis her parents then start to like her and open up to her more as she is helping her family. She later on befriends a banker, Shehrayar Ahmed who admires her skills, but several problems arise in their relationship. Farida’s parents wish to wed her, but fail to find any proposals for her. Will she find a spouse who will appreciate her talent or will she have to abandon her career?

Watch all episodes of drama serial Digest Writer click here.

Sadqay Tumhare

Set in the 70s, this serial follows the story of a simple and innocent girl Shanno (Mahira Khan) who is blindly in love with her fiance Khalil (Adnan Malik), who hasn’t seen her for the last 10 years. Initially Khalil thinks of Shanno as a village girl and rebukes all the memories he had about her. However, at a family occasion he meets her and falls in love. Then he tries to meet her in every way he can.

Watch all episodes of drama serial Sadqay Tumhare click here.


Shanakht drama story revolves around a young Name girl Qurat ul Aain who wears veil and follows Islamic teachings. In order to adjust in her modern family she faces many family and social problems because there is no one in her family who is like her and she is the only religious girl in her family.

Watch all episodes of drama serial Shanakht click here.

Tum Meray He Rehna

Numail the protagonist character played by Mikaal Zulfiqar is deeply in love with Raima her cousin. But unfortunately Raima’s parents Siraj and Shahana have been having an unending tussle with Numail’s parents Raheela and Naseer. Actually Siraj and Shahan are brother and sister but the relation between Siraj and Naseer have never been pleasant enough. Therefore when a slight thing went suddenly wrong Siraj and his wife Shahana found a reason to be cross with Raheela and Naseer.

Watch all episodes of drama serial Tum Meray He Rehna click here.

Main Bushra

We live in a society ruled by preconceived notions and false beliefs, where women are marked by stigma based on an unjustified way of thinking. ‘Main Bushra’, is the story of a young woman who becomes the victim of just such a mindset. Ridiculed and shamed by family and loved ones, she is deemed as a bad woman. Determined to break away from this prejudice, she embarks on a struggle against society in an attempt to shatter these beliefs, and regain her respect and honor in the world.

Watch all episodes of drama serial Main Bushra click here.

Jackson Heights

Story of Jackson Heights serial revolves around six expatriates working in Jackson Heights of New York City (borough), Queens, which highlights the lives of them full of dreams and miseries.

Here is what Mehreen Jabbar, director of “Jackson Heights” said about the drama in an interview:

“The serial covers about 6 characters who live and work in Jackson Heights, which is a part of New York where there is a large concentration of South Asian immigrants. Nauman Ijaz plays a cab driver married to an American woman. Marina Khan plays a Pakistani Christian woman who runs a restaurant, Aamina Sheikh is a woman who works in a salon, Adeel Hussain’s character comes to the US hoping to make it big, Ali Kazmi plays a con man who can’t get a break while Adnan Jaffar plays an Indian Muslim banker who can’t woo the woman he loves. There are many other characters as well making this a true ensemble serial. This story has been marinating for almost 3 years now. While I was filming another TV serial in NY, my friend and colleague Shehrazade suggested that we do something called Jackson Heights. The idea was then pitched to Humayun Saeed, and Vasay Chaudhry was brought on to write the serial, and I think he’s done a fantastic job.”

Watch all episodes of drama serial Jackson Heights click here.


Mehram unveils the story of a modest family, where Hamza is living with his brother’s widow Iqra , as a result of which they become the brunt of suspicions. Hamza has immense respect for Iqra, but they secretly get married to silence all the idle talk. Soon after their paper marriage, Iqra realizes that Hamza needs a wife, someone he loves, and insists on him marrying Maya, for whom Hamza has feelings. The story takes a turn as Maya and Hamza wed and Maya discovers about his paper marriage to Iqra.

Watch all episodes of drama serial Mehram click here.

Aik Pal

Aik Pal is the story of two girls Bareera and Noor Fatima.

Bareera – living a luxurious life full of freedom is having only headache, her sister from Canada. She wears jeans etc. having lots of fun with friends, and having full support of her friendly father but her elder sister takes care of her like mother, and worried about her marriage. Both sisters having argue on different topics which shows Bareera is very rude, careless and proud girl.

Noor Fatima – wants to go to university for higher education as it was her and her late father’s great dream but she belongs from poor family and fully dependent on her uncle. Her life seems full of tensions but she has only hope that if she can complete her studies by anyway, and get some good job then she and her family can live independent life financially.

Her uncle who is bearing all of Noor Fatima’s family expenses has also same desire that if she will be educated then can support her family financially. Uncle’s son (Cousin of Noor Fatima) – Imran is very conservative type and bad guy who wants to put restrictions on Noor Fatima.

Watch all episodes of drama serial Aik Pal click here.


‘Goya’, a passionate story of love and sacrifice. The main cast of Goya is Usman Peerzada, Usman Khalid Butt, Sana Jawaid, Hira Tareen, Asad Siddiqi, Furqan Qureshi, Farah Shah, Shamim Hilali and Gohar Rasheed. The drama is written by Mohammad Ahmed and directed by Farrukh Faiz.

Watch all episodes of drama serial Goya click here.

Dusri Biwi

Doosri Biwi is a new drama serial by ARY Digital. The lead role is played by Fahad Mustafa, who plays the role of a husband caught up between two wives. The drama shows a happily married husband who goes through a series of incidents and ends up getting married the second time. Among the other cast members are Maha Waarsi, Hareem Farooq, Ambar Khan and others. The serial has been directed by Anjum Shehzad.

Watch all episodes of drama serial Dusri Biwi click here.


VOTE: Best Ongoing Pakistani Drama Of 2014

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