There was time in the Pakistan television industry that we witnessed not only superb acting but the plot around which the drama revolved was very strong. Sometimes it would give a message to the audience and sometimes it would be entertaining but without the modern entertainment to be precise.

This time dates back to around three decade back where people from not only Pakistan but everywhere who watched it had their eyes fixed and were engaged. There had been in a downfall in the quality but things are on high roads once again as the production crew have realized the fact.

This is what Zahid Ahmed had to say to this “Men have become uninterested, including myself and that’s a big loss if one cares to think. We men loved Dhoop Kinaray, 50/50 and dramas of that era, so there should be no reason we (male viewership) are not the channels desire anymore. I would and I will contribute towards more gripping subjects that can bring male viewership back.”


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Zahid is a new face in the industry but with whatever little work that he has done, he has been greatly appreciated and is certainly talented. Working in the telecommunications, the uprising star switched to acting and has established himself with works like Alvida and theatrical productions like Sawa 14 August and Ponay 14 August.

Now that he has made a mark in the industry and shown them that he is talented, he has bagged some big projects and very soon it is being said that he would be the one who would be talked about. Mor Mehal is the drama in which he will be seen and a lot is expected out of him as he plays the leading role.

“An actor should break himself down the minute he thinks he ‘knows’ anything. Be reckless. Be notorious…take for instance that you ask me to do Rameez again, the same character, ten years from now. Would you like it if I did the same way? Not really. Every next role I want to do is different, but I fear writers will go insane trying to give me variation, so I am thinking of hiring a few writers who write just for Zahid Ahmed and his never ending thirst for diversity.”

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Now it is being seen that Fawad Khan is working across the border and films are utilizing more of his time. Fawad is another one of Pakistan’s personality who had the audacity to jump from one field to the other. Kicking off his career as the lead vocalist of E.P he jumped to television and now to films.

Fawad might be well known for his works in Bollywood movies now days but lets go back into time. Indeed! it was his acting in drama serials with the likes of Mahira Khan that brought him international recognition. Switching from television to films and to Bollywood has certainly left some open spaces in the local industry.

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That’s were Zahid Ahmed fits in and is bagging quite a lot of projects. Although not exposed to the same fame, it is highly likely that the uprising name is a strong contender for majority of the projects. Theatrical experience gives him an extra edge over some of the others as it is said that performing in front of a big crowd knowing that there is no room for error makes it all the more hard and the more you do it, the better you get.

Can he be the face of drama serial like Fawad Khan was? Have your say!

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