Vote Now – Did you like the ending of drama serial Kankar?

Though it Kankar has ended, it will always remain one of the shows that audiance admired a lot. When I saw the promos, the serial didn’t seem so appealing and out of the ordinary. But it was Umera Ahmed’s script and Sanam Baloch and Fahad Mustafa rarely do a mediocre project. After a long time we saw a drama that focused on an issue and how people react to it in our society.

It lacked glamour, the pace was slow but the serial never wandered around aimlessly. The director managed to keep a firm grip on the story. Everything was shown in detail and the brilliant acting by the entire cast and especially the two leads, Fahad Mustafa and Sanam Baloch, made it even more interesting and realistic.

What did you think of the ending of drama serial Kankar?
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