Veena Malik or Vidya Balan: Who is dirtier?

After Vidya Balan’s sizzling portrayal of Silk, Pakistani import Veena Malik recently did her version of ‘the dirty picture’ in her new Telugu flick titled Silk – Sakkath Hot Maga. Can Veena match Vidya’s oomph?

Vidya Balan stormed into our collective (naughty) consciousness the moment she dropped her pallu in The Dirty Picture’s colourful song Oohh la la. Balan’s jiggling tummy, her generous bosom and well-rounded rear became the topic of spicy conversation. And then the babe bowled us over with her powerful and bold performance as an actor. The controversial Milan Luthria movie was loosely based on the late South sex siren Silk Smitha, and it gave a much needed push to Vidya’s acting career.

And now Veena Malik, the ever-so-controversial Pakistani import, is following in the footsteps of Vidya. Veena’s new Telugu movie Silk -Sakkath Hot Maga will revisit ‘The Dirty Picture’ with a special tadka added in. The movie directed by Trishul also features South actor Akshay in a key role.

So here are pictures of Veena’s hot endeavour – the babe looks more than happy to frolic on a beach in a skimpy bikini. From wild grasslands to a sunny beach and then to a glitzy studio, Veena takes the action to exotic locales, but one thing remains consistent throughout the gallery: the minimalistic clothes and the same seductive expression that Veena can slip on without effort.

She’s also seen steaming it up with Akshay in various locales and shows us what she is exceptionally good at. While Veena flaunts her curves in itsy-bitsy clothes, Akshay is seen seducing the babe sans six pack abs or any doley sholey. Clearly Veena aspires to give a tough fight to Ms Balan’s National Award-winning performance!

While Vidya conveyed a gamut of emotions in The Dirty Picture to show off the various facets of Silk Smith, Veena seems to be interested only in the game of seduction and to indulge in skin show. There’s no doubt that Veena will beat Balan in only one department…use your imaginations for that one! But one thing we all know, Ms Malik will obviously be dirtier than Balan, without any vestige of the aesthetics Vidya embodied!