VOTE: Who Is The Most Beautiful Pakistani Drama Actress Of 2014?

Their beauty and elegance has stolen our hearts. The eyes that emote, the flawless skin, the electrifying smiles, screen performances unparalleled; the reigning Pakistani beauties.

We at has compiled a list of 12 most beautiful faces of Pakistani Drama Industry. Please vote now and let us know who do you think is the most beautiful!

Sana Javed

Sana Javed is a new talent in Pakistani show biz. She is an actress and model with a very beautiful and innocent face. She acted in several Pakistani dramas and many commercials.

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar is an outstanding and versatile Pakistani actress, model and host. Saba Qamar is one of the most beautiful faces that we have in the industry today.

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is absolutely beautiful. From thick eyebrows to high cheekbones, narrow nose to luscious lips, all that makes her extremely beautiful. The sculpted contoured face of Mehwish is a perfect canvas for any makeup artist & that is why we see her rocking different looks with so much ease because she’s all about personifying beauty.

Ushna Shah

The title ‘Bold and Beautiful’ well suits Ushna Shah’s Personality. This young lady has the cutest smile and a very innocent face. She is driven and confident – two qualities which we believe will take her far.

Mahira Khan

She is not one of those women who look as if they’ve just stepped out of a salon: her long hair is uncombed, she doesn’t have a speck of makeup on her porcelain skin, and her eyebrows are still trade markedly un-plucked and yet she still looks stunning.

Sanam Baloch

Her charming personality stands out every time. She brings a unique flavor with her soft, innocent features and her dressing is always decent. Sanam Baloch looks good even when she is wearing an ordinary outfit because sometimes it is all about carrying it well!!

Maya Ali

Maya Ali is another most prettiest face in Pakistani drama industry. Yes! its true that she is one of the famous, popular and well-known actress these days. Her cute smile and big eyes are the most prominent feature of her personality.

Sajjal Ali

Sajjal Ali has sweet and innocent looks that are very appealing. We saw her playing the lead in some very hit dramas this year and it looks like in this new season too she is headed to a good start. This list would be incomplete without this attractive and dazzling young girl .

Sanam Jung

She has the kind of presence that make people take notice. Sanam Jung has a very bubbly personality and she always carries herself with a certain glamour. She isn’t just pretty and talented but she is also one of those very few celebrities who stay grounded despite of all the praise they get for their work and looks.

Aiza Khan

Aiza Khan is the perfect example of natural beauty. Ayeza Khan’s beauty coupled with her appealing simplicity makes her stand out in the crowd. she is without a doubt a flawless and timeless beauty!

Arij Fatyma

Her pearlescent complexion along with her feminine perfect facial features makes her completely beautiful. Arij is someone who can carry both the western & eastern styling because she has the face that compliments every look. She is a very attractive girl with a vibrant personality.

Mawra Hocane

Mawra is a tall slim and very pretty young talent. Mawra started her career as VJ at ‘ATV Pakistan’. She is also a model and Actor and she also appeared in many commercials and made her mark at a very early stage in the Pakistani drama industry. Her attractive personality and brilliant acting skills have won the hearts of many fans.


VOTE: Who Is The Most Beautiful Pakistani Drama Actress Of 2014?

VOTE: Who Is The Most Beautiful Pakistani Drama Actress Of 2014? – Vote now and let us know your opinion! Do not forget to Post your comments in the comments section below..For more updates about pop stars and celebrities, stay tuned and keep visiting

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