Fawad Khan is a big name in the acting industry and he has been able to establish himself on both sides of the border. It was a big thing seeing Fawad Khan acting as a homosexual in Kapoor and Sons. Some say he committed to the movie before thinking over it. However, his role may have been a welcome for gays in India but things are different here in Pakistan.

This subject is nowhere in Pakistan and a simple answer to this is that since there are a lot of other problems this is not on the list. A man and a eunuch were put in jail when it was unearthed that the two got married in Peshawar in 2010. The accused nevertheless said that this did not happened and they were held on false charges.

Now in Pakistan, things are hard to initiate simply because opposition has the power to create unrest which can be seen from the Women’s protection bill that saw a lot of criticism. This is a country where children are taught that uttering the word pig is a sin so you can imagine what it would be like to bring this topic into discussion.

Rajeev Masand was interviewing Fawad Khan and he was uneasy on the topic of being intimate on screen. Fawad explained the fact that this was something which was not acceptable for audience in Pakistan as it is still in the developing stage.

Movies on the topics of bold subjects like sex create an air of unease between children and parents. Parents find it hard to talk on a topic of which the children are unaware about.

Now when Fawad played the character of a homosexual in the movie, parents watching the film did not know how to explain why his mother in the movie was unable to accept him and what he was talking about.

We have seen the response of Pakistani people and what they think about these issues which can be seen from all the praises that Hamza Ali Abbasi and his Facebook status got on the legalization of gay marriage in Pakistan. We are in the transition phase but not at the right stage to discuss a topic which can be seen from censored ads we see in newspaper which would be different had it been any other country.

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Talking about his role in the movie, during the release of Kapoor and Sons Fawad said:

“A friend of mine gave me the example of Zia Mohyeddin, who is a very famous Pakistani actor … He played the role of a eunuch in one of his films. That was a time when people would make fun of eunuchs. So, it was a very bold move. Mohyeddin thought that a normal person would be interested in a movie if the content is good. That interest would get heightened if one put an anomaly in it, like the unlikely character of a eunuch in the plot.”

There have been movies in Pakistan but they come in rarity. We saw years ago that Mohyeddin’s movie was of this type and there was long gap till we saw the topic of transgender being shown.

This was in the movie Bol that touched quite a lot of key things in our society. The thing worth mentioning here is that the boy who was raped and then saw death from the hands of his father was soon forgotten. The thing that saw a lot of attention was Humaima Malik’s acting. It seems like we have not been able to progress and are still at the same stage where we were years ago.

Fawad’s acting in Kapoor and Sons was very convincing and his seriousness along with composure brought out the very best of him. His efforts to make the society understand the issue is somewhat hard because we are unable to agree on small things and this is quite big.

Was it wrong of Fawad Khan to play the role of a homosexual?

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