Sanam Teri Kasam is the movie in which we will be seeing Mawra Hocane showcasing her talent for the first time on film screen. The upcoming star shared a few things about her life when showered upon with all sorts of questions from all fields of life.

Black & White Interview

Watch Black & White Interview of Mawra Hocane

Posted by Mawra Hocane on Friday, January 22, 2016

Courtesy: Mawra Hocane Official Facebook

Let’s give you an insight to the multi talented Mawra Hocane by telling you things you ought to know about her.

1) When was the first time she got her first pay?

“I was 13 when I got my first paycheque. It was Rs8000 and I shopped it away. It was heaven”

2) What’s the thing that Mawra can’t be without?

“My phone, my bag and my perfume.”

3) Can she cook as well as she acts?

“I am not very fond of cooking but I can cook well because of my mom. I think, I can cook some nice Pakistani biryani.”

4) Whining for things at time? A cry baby?

“I am a cry baby. A lot of people don’t know this. I can cry on almost everything.”

5) Urwa Hocane’s importance in Mawra’s life?

“I love my sister the most. She is the best part of my life.”

6) People who she considers as smart?

“Christiano Ronaldo is super hot. Then there is Ranbir Kapoor, I think he is very smart and Harsh, my smartest hero.”

7) What personality would she analyze if she wanted to read someone’s mind?

“Harsh’s! I am closely understanding him these days. But if I want to read someone’s mind, it’s definitely Harsh’s.”

8) Chocolate fudge cake and Mawra, what’s the connection?

“I can eat a full chocolate fudge cake. Also, getting my nails done can make me happy.”

9) What is the thing that makes her nervous?

“I don’t think there is anything in the world that I cannot face.”

10) Winning awards is on her wishlist

“I want to win all the debutante awards this year and I am working hard for it.”

11) What is the favourite compliment she gets?

“The most overwhelming compliment is that Harsh keeps on calling me a princess. I think it’s the best.”

12) What does she think about Big Boss?

“I can binge-watch Bigg Boss. I think it’s super cool.”

13) What is her favourite song?

“This song from Tamasha is on the loop in my playlist.”

14) A classic movie that she would like to work in?


15) Do sentiments matter for her?

“I can feel for anything. I am pretty much sentimental about everything.”

16) What’s the best childhood memory?

“When my mom told me that Mawra means outstanding, I was blown away. I think I was 8 or 9.”

17) When did she have her first kiss?

“My first kiss is going to be the one you will see in this film.”

18) Who was alongside her on her first date?

“My first date was very cute when in school we believed that if we go with all our friends, it would be a decent date. So, my first date was me going with four of my friends and him coming with three friends.”

19) Physical relation before marriage?

“I don’t think about it.”

20) What does she have to say about one-night stands?

“What should I say?” “Did Harsh answer this one?”

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