PEMRA Bans Mathira Vulgar Commercial

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has ordered all TV channels to stop Josh condoms AD on immediate basis. PEMRA has also sent letter to Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) regarding block on this commercial. After receiving letter, PBA forward this order to TV channels.

This commercial is against our religious cultural values, PEMRA said. PEMRA Spokesman Fakhruddin Mughal said that there will be serious action taken against such immoral commercials. Other than public complaints, the commercial is also against Pakistan’s constitution and PEMRA Act 2007, PEMRA explained.

There were massive protests recorded on Social Media before this commercial was on-aired. The Commercial’s details were leaked on internet before on-airing which sparked Nation.

Josh condoms is product of an US-Based Non Profit Organization DKT International. This organization is working against HIV/AIDS and also promoting family planning awareness. It was established in Pakistan in April 2012.

This 50 Seconds commercial staring Controversial Pakistani Model Mathira launched during Ramzan. Mathira is one of most controversial model in Pakistan and many people on social media are demanding to ban her from TV.

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