Bushra Ansari is considered to be one of the candid celebrities who speaks out whatever she feels irrespective of the forum she is on. One of the prominent topics of discussions when she is seen on a show is when she relates the time of her young age acting with the current time.

While appearing on Nadia Khan’s show, she spoke on a wide range of topics like working with Geo in morning show to what she did when she left the show. One of the segments included giving comments about people from television when she was shown picture.

She was shown the picture of Sahir Lodhi which at first, Bushra was unable to recognize but later when she got to know who it was this is how she talked about him:

“Today I am going to give a statement about Sahir Lodhi which has always been in my heart. People say he is like Shah Rukh Khan and all those things, okay that is fine. The truth is that he is immensely talented. But it is also a fact that no one has ever groomed him. He is very strong intellectually too. He knows how to covey his message in an impressive manner. He talks very logically, he is not a duffer. He is an intelligent man who needs the right kind of guidance just like all the newbie artists nowadays.”