There are stories in the industry that the audience demand fair models not only when it comes to females but also males. Pakistan might be in the initial stages of film industry but it is far better established when it comes to drama. It was a mere impossibility earlier to get fairness through treatment but with innovations now this can be done with the help of a single injection.

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Earlier when Mani was confronted with the question of using steroids for fairness he said that his interviews were the cause that he had dark skin. Once he stopped doing these, he attained the fairness that he possessed. Nadia Khan also posted the question in front of Danish Taimoor and this is what he said:

β€œI don’t need to be fairer than I already am naturally. I was always fair, in fact what happened was that when you start your career they put on a lot of make-up on you. They used to apply 36 base on me. I had no idea how many shades darker I looked with that base. When someone used to meet me personally at that time, they used to be surprised to see how fair I was. Then I stopped using make-up. That is why I stand out because everyone else is wearing make-up and I wear no make-up at all.”