Kareena Kapoor is one of those people who is has always been at the end of supporting her family. Irrelevant what the situation is, she is always seen supporting everyone associated with her. Talking about the breakup of Ranbir Kapoor with girlfriend Katrina, she had this to say:

“Even if Ranbir has spoken about it to me, it’s a personal matter that I’d never discuss it with the media. I love my brother and wish him only the best in life, always. There’s no formula. Sometimes after 20 years, a relationship just doesn’t work, you meet someone else and something just clicks,” she said.

The actress showed support in this way and also talked about what her husband Saif thinks about their family.

“Saif describes us as a crazy, Italian mafia family. There are always 30 dishes on the table and everybody is focused on the food and drinks. My family is the best thing in my life and no matter which part of the world I am, I will always make it to birthdays and anniversaries. I feel most grounded and connected, when my grandmother (Krishna Raj Kapoor) is around,” she said.