There was a time when every other girl in Pakistan wanted to tie the knot with Imran Khan. Imran firstly due to his cricket won many hearts and now with his politics has been able to unite alot of people under his party flag. It was more than a year ago that Imran announced that he was going to get ,married in a protest that was taking place.

Women from all corners of the country wanted to be the lucky woman who would be married with the star and Meera wasn’t far behind as she said that she wanted to marry him. Eventually Imran Khan married Reham Khan but it wasn’t fruitful as the marriage ended with only 10 months passing.

The divorce meant that Imran Khan was single again and women again started to send messages to the star throiugh social media again. Meera was also asked the same question as to whether she wanted to marry Imran Khan but her answer left everyone laughing.

“Imran Khan is like a father to me,Hence, I can’t even think about marrying him.”