On of the things that are regularly seen accompanying Salman Khan wherever he goes is the girl from Romania Lulia Vantur. She has been spotted alongside Salman whether it be his case hearing, his hosting for Big Boss Season 9 or his film sets.


She was also part of the party which was thrown on the occasion of Salman’s 50th birthday. During the party it is reported that Salman wanted special care taken of her and that is why he kept a look on her throughout the party. The future remains uncertainly from Lulia’s side but it is being said that Salman gifted her an expensive grey colored car.

The problem as being said is Salman’s relation with Daisy Shah and Zareen Khan. The deadlock remains on the fact that Salman wants to be the same. In accordance, it is being reported that Salman said that he cannot change for someone else.