Celebrities are also normal humans and just like everyone else they also celebrate events that come across around the year. What is highlighting is the fact that celebrities have fans following and their fans are eager and keen on knowing what they are up to.

Lets tell you what plans the Pakistani celebrities had ahead of the Valentines day.

Rabia Butt

Something that feels right and natural without trying too hard. My idea of perfect romance has matured with time and now I believe in mutual respect. After that, anything goes, anything which is mutually elevating for the soul.

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Ayesha Omar

Let each other grow and support each other in the ups and downs both. Create fun memories and Go on adventures together. Cook together. Laugh together. Be kind and learn to forgive.

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Humaima Malick

I am a very romantic person, so anything which makes me feel very special or the moment special can be romantic.Flowers, beach, sand, me and him.

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Bilal Ashraf

Perfect romance stems from perfect understanding.

Omer Shehzad

A perfect romance should be full of surprises. I spend Valentine’s Day with my real loved ones, which is my family.

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Tabish Oza

Anything with the perfect one.

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Armeena Rana

Romance is different things to different people and certainly different for men and women. It does not have to be grand. it can be about small gestures and the time and thought that goes into them. A handmade card with a poem or a walk where you just talk with the other person watching the sunset are good examples. Anybody can go and โ€˜buyโ€™ things off the shelf with very little thought. So please donโ€™t feel pressured into grand expensive purchases. The only love you will get is from the companies that you sell that stuff.

Shehzad Noor

A relationship based on understanding, trust and most of all respect is what i ideally think one should have.

Adeel Chaudhry

My idea of a perfect romance is a kind of old school. I believe in courting I believe in a sweet and loving partner who is very understanding and caring and mutual respect is all components of a romance.

Ushna Shah

Ushna Shah pays attention to detail on Valentines day.

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Mehwish Hayat

The only thing I am committed to is my work. So I’ll be spending my Valentine’s Day shooting Actor In Law.

Uzair Jaswal

Tere bin…

Bilal Ashraf

I’ll get all my single friends together and take them out for dinner

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Tabish Oza

Depends on where I was last night, which was probably watching the PSL matches

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