Karan Johar has been in the news for all the wrong reasons but that hasn’t resulted in any good news as to him being clear on the controversial topic of homosexuality.

There are a lot of questions that are flooded onto him by the media and recently he revealed what happened when he was called “pansy” (girly, sissy).

“I hated the word ‘pansy’ and I was called that as a child. I was effeminate and I used to have sleepless nights over the fact that I am different from other children. Even when I weighed 150kg, my mother said I was the best looking child in the world and my father told me that once I lost a little puppy fat, I could be a hero in Hindi films,” Karan said.


Karan was quite open on the topic and he talked openly about the topic of homosexuality in the films.

“Whether its Kal Ho Na Ho or Dostana, I discussed the issue in the mainstream. I received so many letters from youngsters saying that my movies helped their parents identify their sexuality. Now there are so many films on LGBT [people] and I am proud that I started it.”

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Talking about the difficult times in life the director added,

“When my father had a few flop movies, we had to sell our jewellery and house. He was not invited to launch parties and it was a terrible time.”

Revealing about his currently quarreled relation with SRK, he said

“Like every relationship, there have been ups and downs. However, Shah Rukh’s family is part of my family.”