We are always in search of fashion inspirations from our Bollywood celebrities but looking at these B-town ladies we need a rethink.

Like what were they thinking before they stepped out?!

We know you all want to make a fashionable mark but ladies, do look in the mirror twice before you step out.

Vidya Balan

Dear Vidya..we popped our eyes the same way you did when we saw you wearing these shocking colors.. Next time please spare such eye pricking colors..


Rani Mukherjee

Rani was in such a hurry for this party that she came in her night suit..


Kareena Kapoor

Kareena looks like a Tutti-Fruity flavoured icecream topped with whipped cream!!


Parineeti Chopra

Looks like Parineeti’s dress accidentally ripped off from a very uncomfortable position..



The designer made this dress keeping every curve of Kajol in mind.. even her belly curve..Oops!!!


Aishwarya Rai

Aish! There is no need for hiding yourself with this dupatta now.. This dress is showing everyone everything!!


Huma Qureshi

Looks like two huge balloons are hanging out of Hum’s dress. Huma please make sure there are no kids around otherwise you know what can happen?


Malika Shirawat

We had a huge laugh on this one! The designer made poor Malika’s dress out of a swimming costume..


Sunakshi Sinha

If you thought you looked like an Egyptian Goddess, then sorry Sona.. You actually look like Bappi Lahiri in the making..


Amisha Patel

Looks like Amisha Patel was dressed up for a Halloween Party and landed up at the wrong party wearing a Halloween costume.


Ekta Kapoor

Her dress looks like a red hot volcano is ready to erupt anytime!

Ekta Kapoor

Sushmita Sen

This can give anyone a shock with those glitters directly causing brain waves.


Deepika Padokone

Deepika is all ready to attend a Disney costume party!


Kangna Ranaut

Kanga looks like she jumped into a candy floss machine.


Sonam Kapoor

It looks like Sonam Kapoor took a dip in the lake and came out wearing yellow pond weed!

Sonam Kapoor

Author: DesiFreeTV