What really happened at Meera and Ashutosh’s ugly drunken fight

A fight between Pakistani actress and co-star Ashutosh Kaushik on his apparent drunken behaviour goes from bad to ugly

What started as a mere altercation between Meera and her co-actor Ashutosh Kaushik turned out of hand after the latter apparently threatened the Pakistani actress of bodily harm, at a party on Monday night.

After Meera threw a glass of soft drink at Ashutosh to rebuke him for apparently being too drunk, her co-star chased her out of a banquet hall in the suburbs till the actress managed to escape in her car.

Meera is currently in the country to promote her new film Bhadaas. According to sources, the film’s unit had a celebratory party in the suburbs that was attended by the actress and her co-star.

An onlooker says, `No one knows exactly what happened between the two. But Meera threw a glass on him and he reacted. She left the party but Ashutosh started vandalising everything in sight and even chased her till her car was out of sight.`

On her part, Meera says she lost her cool, as Ashutosh was apparently too drunk.

An indignant actress says, `I have had a conservative upbringing in Pakistan. I hate those who show no respect towards women.

Even during the shoot of our film, Ashutosh was very loud. At the party, I warned him he was getting too close for comfort. After a point, I couldn’t control my anger and threw my glass at him. I would have slapped him but I simply left the party.`

In his defence, Ashutosh denies the incident and says, `I have quit drinking long back so there was no question of me getting drunk. In fact, Meera herself was drunk. She can’t blame me.`