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What was Ayesha Omer’s reaction when she had to dace in front of so many people

Ayesha Omar has been regarded as being among the bold actresses of the industry. She was part of the movie Karachi Say Lahore in which she also performed in an item song. Though the song and the dance was answered with a lot mixed reviews, many said that it showed the fact the Pakistani cinema was also moving towards the Bollywood style movies.

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This was Ayesha’s first item song and this is the first time she has spoken about her dance and her performance in the item song. She said:

“I have performed a lot on stage since childhood so I always had a lot of stage confidence. Director Wajahat, who is like a friend told me that there will be a song in the film but we have not yet decided whether there will be a group performance or something different. Finally when the idea evolved into an actual decision, it was decided that I will be performing alone with all these people surrounding me. I told Wajahat I could not do it. He said of course I could and asked me to relax. It was easier said than done.”

Talking about the problems she faced and the injuries she had to bear for the performance, she said:

“I wanted the shoot to be delayed but because all the arrangements had already been made, it could not be delayed. When I got to the set on the day of the shoot and saw the stage and the people there, I forgot all about the pain in my toe and was scared to do this in front of all these people. I thought I can’t do this. I literally had tears in my eyes. I said to the director, I will only do it if your wife does it first and he said of course she can do it!”

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The response of people when she was performing was expressed in the following words,

“I saw all these weird faces staring at me. The dancers who were with me are used to it of course so they were not going to find it odd. But the other people who were around, some of them were hired and some of them were just random people who had come to watch. I decided to talk to this crowd and said I was doing this for the first time so I wanted them to cooperate with me.”