What’s Happening With Saman in Zidd

Who doesn’t love Saman (Maya Ali) from Zidd!? Strong, funny, independent and kind hearted, she is like the quintessential girl next door!

Alas the same cannot be said about Saman’s parents who seem to be acting extremely cruel and unfair. Firstly, they hold their daughter to blame for breaking off her engagements (something she had every right to do) and tried to pile excess guilt on her when she attempted to take a stand for herself. It should be appreciated that Saman possessed enough sense to understand what decisions in life were right or wrong for her and we should understand and respect that!

Unfortunately, her parents failed to inform her that Omar has been previously married. This huge betrayal left Saman feeling extremely hurt and thus is taking a considerable amount of time to come to terms with the news. Had they been honest and upfront in the first place, her attitude may have been much different. To make it worse they seem to be expressing no remorse whatsoever and expect Saman to act as if she’s extremely lucky for making such a match. Omar is quite a mystery at this point. We possess mixed feelings about him because he taunted Saman quite unfairly earlier on but now is trying to be calm and open minded, and not overly controlling like so many husbands on Pakistani dramas. We learn that Omar’s previous marriage was quite a tense, painful one and the fact that he is now attempting to treat his second marriage with such hope and tentative optimism that we cannot help but start hoping that he turns out to be a gentleman perpetually!

Saman has also made a new friend, a feisty spitfire extremely similar to herself! Going by the name Rukhi (Rabab Hashim) and daughter of Qasim (Imran Peerzada); Saman sees a lot of her own personality within Saman and indeed, the two seem to hit it off like long lost sisters. Rukhi is quite pampered and adored by her father, who gives her confidence to be herself, something which I feel Saman picks up on and extremely admires. It will be exciting to see how this tentative friendship blossoms and flourishes into something deeper and much more interesting!

Maya Ali’s acting is superbly illustrated with facial expressions and body language telling stories that go beyond the storyline. People can also not stop talking about how absolutely phenomenal Maya is looking! Impeccable hairstyles and makeup, Maya Ali resembles a modern day angel.
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Author – Rabia Ahmed