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When Shah Rukh Khan Proposed Priyanka Chopra

When Shah Rukh Khan Proposed Priyanka Chopra

The wit and intelligence of King Khan is an open secret, but does he have any paramour or crush? That’s still a secret.

A video of Priyanka Chopra’s Miss India pageant has surfaced online and it has sprung quite a few surprises.

Apparently, for the question-and-answer round of the pageant, Priyanka was asked a question by Shah Rukh Khan, reported the Indian media.

According to report, the baadshah’s question was also very interesting. The question he posed was, if presented with the opportunity to choose between a sportsman like Mohd. Azharuddin, an artistic businessman like the owner of Swarovski or an actor, like himself, for marriage, who would Priyanka choose.

While this was funny in itself, SRK took it a step ahead and told her that the other judges (Azharuddin and the owner of Swarovski, who were on the panel) wouldn’t be biased towards her, if she chose to go with the actor. The throwback video is quite funny in retrospective.

Watch the video below: