As it somewhat big deal for Mahira Khan since she is working alongside her childhood favourite actor, Shahrukh Khan it is being said that the Pakistani sensation was not the first choice. The name of Huma Qureshi of Bollywood comes above her but she was successful in securing the role above her for the movie Raees.

Huma is well known in Bollywood and it comes as a big boost since she ended up above her. This is what a website is reporting,

“Huma Qureshi. They thought Huma would fit the bill and also they wanted a fresh pairing of sorts. But then, they got Mahira on board because the character required the actress to have a certain kind of mannerism and lingo and being a Pakistani, Mahira totally nailed it.”

Furthermore it said

“The film is based in the backdrop of the Muslim ghetto in Gujarat and Raees is essentially a story of this man who becomes powerful. The heroine’s role is also a prominent one – that of SRK’s wife, a Muslim woman.”