Pakistan Idol 2013

Pakistan Idol is here to offer you an exceptional opportunity to transform all your grand dreams, hopes and aspirations into a living reality. Since its inception in 2001, the world’s most popular singing reality show has enabled millions of dreamers to not only exhibit their talent on a grand scale but also test their fate. You too can explore your potential and reach for the stars in the grandest reality contest of the country, PAKISTAN IDOL.

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Bushra Ansari is the Melody Judge on Pakistan Idol with an ear for music and she will be a difficult one to fool. Pakistan Idol’s participants will need to be extremely careful when singing because she will be aware of all the mistakes they might make, so they need to really work hard and give their best.

Ali Azmat is the Iron Judge of Pakistan Idol, who will not let anyone get through unless they are at the top of their game. The Iron Judge will only allow those who are the best and deserve to continue to contest for the coveted top slot to become the first ever Pakistan Idol – because nothing is too good for this Patriot’s beloved Motherland Pakistan.

Hadiqa Kiani is the Soft Judge of Pakistan Idol – not that she will allow anyone below perfection to reach the prestigious position of becoming the first ever Pakistan Idol – but she can help calm the jitters that the Pakistan Idol’s contestants may be feeling while performing in front of the whole world and competing for such a great title – Pakistan Idol. She will be a good influence on these youngsters and will also teach them how to keep poised under pressure and still look good.

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