We have seen Salman Khan not only providing movies that are loved by fans but he is known for launching actresses in the industry too. Therefore, it is not often that we see actresses rejecting to work alongside him. But ladies and gentlemen it has happened!!

Kriti Sanon was given the offer to work alongside Salman in the upcoming movie Sultan. With the first schedule has concluded and the rejection seems to be a cause the movie might be delayed. Talks are being held between Adi and Salman so that Salman agrees to work alongside Parineeti Chopra since he is more keen on working with Kriti. Kriti has a tight schedule and with all that is on her plate, she is not able to sign the film.

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However, another problem is being stated by an insider through Bollywood Insider is “Even if Kriti gives them the dates they want, Adi has laid the condition that if she signs the film, she will have to sign up as a Yashraj talent. The actors launched by the studio (Ranveer, Parineeti, Anushka, Vani) have to pay a percentage of their earnings from films and endorsements to the studio. While newcomers are happy to sign this contract when they get launched by YRF, Kriti, who has already made a name for herself doesn’t think it is a fair offer. she would rather give up the film than take up Adi’s offer, which comes with this condition.”