Everyone know days is very well aware of the fact that Mahira Khan will be making her Bollywood debut alongside Shahrukh Khan in the upcoming movie Raees.

Mahira is undoubtedly a superb choice for the movie but what if we tell you that she wasn’t the first choice for the movie?

Can you guess who was offered role in #raees before #mahirakhan ? Find out on Desifreetv.com

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Sanam Saeed, who you may all know was the initial recipient of the offer but she was unable to sign the movie as she was busy with her wedding.

Not only this but Sanam was very glad over the fact that even if she did not make it another Pakistani in the form of Mahira was able to get a chance to work alongside a heavyweight in Bollywood.

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Mahira was defiantly a good choice as her acting in the movie Bin Roye was superb and she received the award of best actress due to it. The reason can be according to the fact that Indian TV witnessed Sanam first as her drama (Zindagi Gulzar Hai) was aired there before Mahira’s Humsafar.

Here are a few pictures of the movie which is in due course and will be released soon:

The views of some stars for Raees Teaser👑✨ kriti sanon : Loved the new Official trailer of Raees It's Mind Blowing! #RaeesTeaser . karan johar: What a phenomenal teaser of Raees ….Srk looks amazing!! Can't wait to see this…. uday chopra. What superb teaser!ritesh & ForOutAkhtar love seeing SRK like this Raees. Riteish Deshmukh: How brilliant is the promo of Raees – SRK you are Magical – ritesh and farhan can't wait for a year . Alia Bhatt: Loving loving #RaeesTeaser !!! Killeddddd it SRK . Anubhav Sinha: I saw it as a Friend's trailer first. Then as SRK's trailer, and then as a movie trailer. Superlative all the 3 times. Raees. Farah Khan: Getting ready for EID.. Here's an early eidi..teaser of SRK s #Raees WAY TO GO!!. manish paul: It is really amazing announcement – Shah Rukh Khan and Ritesh and Farhan why we have to wait for a year. Huma qureshi : the king is here … And how … Loving ، India today: After seeing #RaeesTeaser we can't wait for the next eid anymore rahul nanda: when savor the taste of excellence – you can not go back to the usual – and you, sir, have you exceed the franchise and beyond. اللي قالو نجوم بوليوود عن الاعلان المصغر لفيلم رئيس : كريتي : احببت اعلان رئيس انه ياخذ العقل. ريتيش ديشموخ : ياله من رائع اعلان رئيس شاروخ انت ساحر ريتيش فرحان لا استطيع الانتظار عام. عليا بهات : احببته احببته – اعلان رئيس – انه قاتل. اوبهاف سينها : شاهدت اعلان فيلم رئيس كفيلم لاحد اصدقائي اولا … ثم شاهدته ايضا كفيلم لشاروخان … ثم شاهدته كاعلان لاحد الافلام … في الثلاث مرات وجدته مذهلا . هيما قريشي : الملك هنا ويالها من طريقه تلك التي جاء بها .. احببتها (( اعلان رئيس )). فرح خان : استعدو للعيد وهذه عيديتي اليكم (( اعلان رئيس )). منيش بول : انه اعلان مدهش حقا – شاروخان وريتيش وفرحان لماذا علينا الانتظار لمدة عام. كاران جوهر : ياله من اعلان استثنائي – شاروخان مظهره مذهل – لا استطيع الانتظار كي اراه. عدى شوبرا : ياله من اعلان رائع – ريتيش وفرحان لقد احببت شاروخان وهو رئيس. موقع India today لا يمكننا الانتظار حتى العيد. راهول ناندا : عندما تتذوق طعم التميز – فلا يمكنك العوده الى المعتاد – وانت ياسيدي لقد تعد يتحد الامتياز ومابعده.

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Working with @iamsrk was memorable experience #Raees #ShahRukhKhan

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Who was offered role in #raees before #mahirakhan ? Find out on Desifreetv.com

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