Why shameful for Pakistani actresses to KISS in movies: Humaima Malick

Pakistan TV and film actress Humaima Malick said the actor should not be judged because it just portrays character.

“Talent and actor have no boundaries, and it they can’t be restricted in particular country or boundary”, said the actress during an interview on a TV channel.

On a question about working in India and being criticisied afterwards by the public, Humaima expressed that it is painful for her and said: “People appreciate ‘Munni’ and ‘Shilla’ and dance on their tone, and they do not question about our male actors’ performing intimate scenes but if I did then they considered it a shameful act.”

She said that such differences shouldn’t be there and the way public applaud other Hollywood and Bollywood actresses they should also open their mind for Pakistani actors as well.

Her upcoming movie ‘Dek Magar Pyar Se’ in which she is playing a character of ‘Munni’ is scheduled to hit the cinemas across the country on August 14.

She also said that the script of this movie was actually written for her and Fawad Khan. However, due to Fawad Khan’s busy schedule, who is working in Bollywood as well, the director had to replace him with the current actor.

Here is the Interview:

Video Courtesy A. Rajput