Why Was Farida Not Strong After Marriage?

The quintessential example of a subservient lass, left at the vicious whims of the sadistic world. Farida, a small town girl with dreams that are clearly larger than life want to make it big in the world of fame and stardom. A digest writer who writes beautiful stories.

Throughout the serial, Farida was portrayed as a very brave, strong and independent girl. Though from a lower middle class background, she lived by her rules and dreams and was never hesitant to speak her mind no matter what. But after marrying her aunt’s son, Farida surrenders to a life of domestic bliss or so she thought.

Clearly the husband who promised to move heaven and earth ‘Farida shaadi kay baad tum jaisey chaho reh sakti ho apni marzi sey‘, turns out to be scum of the earth in real life ‘Ainda tum kahani nahin likho gi, bas merey maa baap ki khidmat karo‘.

The so called doting and adoring mother and sister in law trio translate into conniving and manipulating wenches who are only insistent on Farida losing whatever little confidence she has.

Farida understands the pressure and demands that society so callously and heartlessly imposes on her parents; the nerve wracking pressure of getting unmarried sisters settled off with respect and love and a household that runs on emotions and dignity in clearly something that Farida cannot simply oversea as a diligent and obedient housewife.

Farida clearly dotes on her family and understands that society and people function in a certain manner that cannot be altered and changed. She gives up her dreams of finding her ideal and a glittering career replete with fame, adulation and stardom, not to mention love from all the fans and people involved.

Farida is a girl who knows that to live with pseudo dignity she will have to accept what life has in store for her in the form of an insecure husband and a vicious mother in law.
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Author – Rabia Ahmed